Our Mission

Our goal is to promote parks and recreation opportunities in Michigan by developing tools and services that enhance the visitor experience.


Explore Michigan was started in 2014 after a code competition sponsored by the State of Michigan and local sponsors. It was during the code competition that we learned of the need that many parks departments have to promote their parks and communicate details with potential visitors.

At the end of 2014 we published the first version of the iOS app.

In 2016 we refreshed the app with a new look. This update also introduced lighthouses to the app.

In 2018 we launched an online store to sell Michigan-themed apparel and gifts in order to keep the business open. The app was free (and always will be), and we did not have any other source of revenue. Our aim is to sell unique, high-quality, Michigan-themed apparel and gifts.

In 2019 we revamped the app to include more robust data about each location. We added the ability to show information like activities available at a location, hours of operation, social media accounts, and resources like program brochures and safety pamphlets. Another improvement we made in this update was accessibility. One of our core values is making sure all the information we provide is accessible to as many people as possible.

At the beginning of 2022 we launched our Partner Program, which provides a way for parks and recreation departments to promote their parks on the website and app. This program will allow us to promote even more parks and recreation opportunities in the state of Michigan.