Explore Michigan Partner Program

The Partner Program is a service we offer to promote your parks and recreation locations through Explore Michigan.

The Explore Michigan app is the #1 ranked Michigan parks and recreation app in the App Store. It has 89 ratings and an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.

Our new website, goexploremichigan.com, launched at the beginning of the 2021 season, and enables anyone to access the information we provide via a web browser.

Both the website and app are free to use. We are committed to making these tools accessible to as many people as possible so they can explore and enjoy all of the parks and recreation activities Michigan has to offer.

As a partner you will:

  1. Have your location(s) added to the Explore Michigan app and website
  2. Get promoted social media posts on all our social media platforms
  3. Be invited to participate in quarterly meetings with the Explore Michigan team

1. Your Locations in the App

Your location(s) will be added to the website and app where they will be displayed alongside other popular locations in Michigan like national parks, state parks, and lighthouses.

Location Detail View

The website and app are designed to help users find actionable information about your location(s) including prominently displayed buttons for visiting your official website, making reservations, and getting directions.

Location Detail View

2. Social Media Promotion

We will promote your location(s) via one (1) social-media promotion per quarter. (i.e. four (4) promotions/year)

Each promotion includes a single (1) post to each of our social-media accounts. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

You tell us what location(s), program, or event you would like to promote and when, and we will work with you to draft the content of the promotion.

We limit promotional posts to one (1) per day so slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ultimately, we reserve editorial control over all promotional content.

3. Quarterly Meetings

You will be invited to participate in quarterly meetings with the Explore Michigan team. We value your partnership and want to make sure we keep you updated on what we are working on and give you a chance to provide feedback.

While we cannot guarantee feedback will result in the desired changes, we commit to listen to your feedback, thoroughly consider it, and be as transparent as possible about how we plan to address it.

Who is this for?

Not seeing a category for your locations here? That’s ok! This list is not exhaustive. Reach out to us at partner@goexploremichigan.com to discuss joining the Partner Program.

Case Study

Newaygo County Parks and Recreation has an excellent system of parks and partnered with us to add their locations to the app.

Each of their locations includes detailed, actionable information so users can easily go from viewing information to getting directions or reserving a site.

Newaygo County Parks and Recration Locations

By having their parks in the Explore Michigan app, they are able to show their locations to people who are actively seeking out information on parks and recreation locations in Michigan.


$1,500/year, paid annually

Sign Up

To sign up for the partner program, email us at partner@goexploremichigan.com.


We would be happy to answer your questions. Email us at partner@goexploremichigan.com.

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